Pros and Cons of Root/Rooting

If your gonna root android then you might have some worry about its effects and advantages. In this article I’ll cover all the questions and queries which may stop you for rooting your device. Also, I’m going to cover all the Pros and Cons of Root/Rooting. Stay relaxed and keep scrolling to get answer of your distrust issue.

If you ever tried to install any third party app or ever tried to customize you smartphone then you have heard of rooting is must required for that. Because you have don’t have authority to modify any file of your android.

If you try to root android with Kingroot Apk then their are more chances of getting success, because Kingroot Apk holds the maximum successful rate among other apps.

Pros and Cons Of Root/Rooting
Pros and Cons Of Root/Rooting

Why Root/Rooting?

A Phone which is not rooted is still locked by its Company itself, because they don’t want to lose their authority from any of their phone. But if you Root your phone then it will deliver all the Authority to you. Now the company can’t interface into any change that you made in your smartphone.

By Rooting you can edit and modify stock files of your android, install any app which you want to, you can develop own themes and UI interface. Boost your device by increasing RAM, and much more. You can do whatever you want to, noone would ever ask you for anything.

There are only few apps which is reliable to root android, Kingroot is one of them and it supports one click root android feature. Which is damn good for providing better experience to the users.

Pros and Cons of Root/Rooting

Rooting you android phones will provide you many advantages to user experience. Rooting unlocks you device’s potential power to unlimited possibilities. There are dozen of pros and couple of cons you may feel while rooting of after rooting your smartphone.

Firstly Let’s cover Advantages of Android Root.


  • Speed Up

If your device sucks then rooting will let you get rid of that problem. You can boost your device speed by rooting it, how’s it possible? Aah! You can remove bloatwares, unwanted apps and clean up your device without any issue. Also you can uninstall stock app too, (Google apps which are inbuilt, comes up installed while we buy a new smartphone).

  • Battery Saving

It will also increase your battery efficiency, it will help in more battery durability. You can freeze background apps, which you hardly use ever. It will let them installed in your device but freeze them for the time period till you open them again by own.

This is a pretty good of keeping apps without losing and memory or battery percentage.

  • Customization

You can Customize your device by installing external UI themes and responsive UX. You can import external ROMs like CyanogenMod, OmniX, MIUI and others. But all this customisation is only available for rooted device. Except these, you can edit and modify files by own. Because rooting will let you do all the modification by installing frameworks and much more.

The other advantages of rooting Android devices is you can install many apps that let you modify your device like lucky patcher app, which require root access.


  • Warranty Loss

This is one of the shortest problem you’ll face after root. You’ll get tons of extra features after rooting, so why would you need warranty? You can do everything by own you don’t have to rush in customer centers. Flashing ROMs, Customising Apps, Editing Stock Option and much more.

  • Brick

Sometimes (one in million) device get bricked while rooting process. What is Brick? Basically, It’s a word which describes the position of your device after getting fail while rooting.

But you don’t have to worry about, you can FLASH other ROMs to make it work again, which is quite easy process.

Things You Should Have To Know About Bricking

Wrapping Up:

So these are some pros and cons of root/rooting. I hope you had enjoyed our article and it helped you in gaining information about advantages and disadvantages of rooting. If you still have any query, you can make comment below. I’ll surely help you out.