[Updated] New Kingroot Apk Download For Android, iOS and Windows | Latest Version 5.3.7

Kingroot Apk Download – One Click Root Android App: Kingroot App is one of the most beloved application for one click root. There is no such app available who can beat this level of the savage, Kingroot Apk gives you the chance to root android device with or without having any knowledge of rooting.

It’s quite easy to use, you just have to click for only one single time to start rooting your device and the chances are very high of getting success. There are only a few reasonable cases where it fails, let’s dive into the sea of knowledge to gain more knowledge about kingroot android app.

Rooting your device will give you many advantages as well it has some disadvantages too. You must have to learn every single thing you need to know about KingRoot App or Rooting Android Device.

Also kingroot app is world wide famous for rooting, that means you can use this app in any region or in any area without getting worry about legal or illegal restrictions. Still if you have any doubt about that then you can check thier reasonable areas after downloading the app.

What is Root/Rooting?

What is root/rooting?
What is root/rooting?

When you purchase a new phone it’s unlocked by the company with the limited functions. Your device has some limits in which you can browse it, you’re using your own device into a guest mode. But once you Root Android you’ll become it’s one and only individual owner. You can control it as you want as an admin of its own authority. You can install uninstall whatever you want to, you have all permission to modify your device with external RAMs, UI, Apps, and other tweaks. Like to enjoy full features of luckypatcher app you need the rooted device.

All the tweaks or modification you wanna make in your device is possible only if your device is rooted and you have complete access over it. You must have to root your device to proceed to the further steps either you can only play with some minor mods which aren’t that much cool in comparison of rooted ones.

By this kingroot official app you can Root your device easily, it will not ask your for any fee or any kind of subscription. It’s all free and after rooting you can also download several paid services for free of cost, that can be a major benefit behind android rooting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Rooting is Legal or Not
Rooting is Legal or Not

You may have a question like why should I root android, is it good for my device or not? Literally, it doesn’t have any major disadvantages, but there’s a huge list of merits we had found. You can enjoy hundreds of new features and functions you may never ever heard about.  Let’s talk about pros and cons of root/rooting,


Rooting Your Android device is quite easy, if you get this much of benefits then you would definitely go for root android device blindly. You’ll get these benefits after Rooting your device.

Make Your Device Fast

  • Make your Device Faster

It sounds stupid but it isn’t. Rooting will surely boost your android speed with multiple times. It’s personally tested by me and millions of other people too.

How can it help in boosting android speed?

When you get a proper control over the system you can uninstall unwanted apps, you can delete the trash of your device without any risk. Your device is in your control.

battery saving

  • Battery Saving

You can disable background apps which you hardly use ever, they’ll get freeze until you start using them again. This will help you in increasing the battery working capacity also clean up your device memory too. Many of us have issue with battery backup but we can’t do anything with that, but knwo here we got a solution to make our battery more powerful.


  • Customization

One of the best benefits of rooting your Android device, you can customize your device as your wants. You can install external RAMs, Themes and other UI and UX for better performance and interface. It will give you endless possibilities to modify your device. You can change/modify every single unit of your device after Rooting.


There’s only one disadvantage of root which you have to face, rest is all good and works like a charm for you. The single demerit of rooting is.

Warranty Loss

  • Warranty Loss

If your Device is under warranty then it would be lost after Rooting your device. The Customer Help care would not admit your device for any damage caused by rooting or after Rooting. This is because, after Rooting your device will be under your control. You had removed the authority of company by root, now the company will never ask you about any change you make. This is why the warranty loss took place.

So, these are few advantages and disadvantages of rooting android. If you still have any query you van visit here to ask further questions.

What is Kingroot Apk?

Kingroot Download Apk
Kingroot Download Apk

Kingroot apk is an app which allows you to root any android device, it supports almost every android version. The part about this app is that it supports one click root, You don’t have to follow any long procedure to root. You just have to click for only single time and rooting will start.

You can download kingroot app for Android on almost all version of Android which is above than 4.2 KitKat. Also, you can give a try to the lower versions too, but I don’t recommend you to test them. Thier are only a few chances of getting success in lower android version, You have to use Kingroot 6.0 app for Android whose version equal to or greater than 4.2 KitKat.

Rooting isn’t an easy task, as we all know is a risky and daunting task, so do it at your own risk. We aren’t taking any responsibility for any harm. As I told you that everyone has its pros and cons, none is perfect so how can you believe on someone that much without knowing the negative effects of thiers.

Features of Kingroot Apk

There is dozen of features you’ll experience through Kingroot App, it will let you enjoy numerous of functions. The part of this Kingroot apk is that it supports one click root, which makes it the best application for root in the world.

You don’t have to follow any stupid procedure, you don’t have to connect your mobile to the computer or any other shit. You just have to Download Kingroot Apk and have to click for only a single time. The rooting will be started soon and makes your device rooted without any issue.

Majority of other Rooting App requires a couple of stuff to start rooting, but this app doesn’t require a single object. You don’t have to flash anything, or even you don’t have to restart your device again and again. After a successful root you have to restart it for only once, rest of the time it’s quite easy and simple to understand.

One click root

One Click Root

As the heading says one click root, and that’s true. It only ask you for tapping for only one or two time and do rest of the work by own. You don’t have to do anything except for this.

Apk File

APK File

Kingroot is available in apk format so it won’t ask you for pc to root your smartphone. You just have to find the correct version and you can proceed to further steps from your android device.


Doesn’t Ask For Internet Connection

Sometimes it may need internet connection to download suitable packages for your smartphone. Then you have to give it permission and data from your own smartphone, don’t use hotspot data or wifi. It may cause some loss to you and your device.

Is Kingroot Safe?

Yes, it is. There is nothing to worry about because Kingroot App has the success rate of the rooting device among other apps. It’s fast, lite and easy to use, anyone can easily root their device with the help of Kingroot Apk. Now rooting if done properly results in the unlocked potential of the phones but if it goes wrong it will brick your phone. Don’t try anything without proper guidance. Either it’s safe to use, rest is all good.

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But trust me, this app has scored a handsome amount of successfully attempts which make this app stands apart from the crowd of other fake apps who claims to root android with just one tap.

Is It Legal?

Yes, it is, you had bought it in exchange for a fee you can do whatever you want. No one would ask you for any kind of change. You Can Download Kingroot App is legit and safe also, it does not erase your personal data also. You just have to gain proper acknowledge of installation and rooting steps, which is given below.

Steps to Kingroot Download

You don’t have to rush to Google to find new king root apk link, you can directly download it from here. On kingroot official site you can find kingroot all version, also we have a separate page which have all links. Every other week we check each and every broken link to change it with new and working link.

You’ll never face any issue regards download link.

If you don’t want to follow the above step you can directly download it right from here.

New Kingroot Apk Download

How to Install Kingroot Android APK

No matter what your version is or which model do you have, we have the solution for every smartphone. Just follow the below steps to install kingroot android apk.

  • Go to Settings and move to Securities.
  • Find Unknown Sources there, and enable it.
unknown sources enable
unknown sources enable

It will let you install third-party apps without any risk. You must have to enable this if you’re installing the app from an external source or the app is from the third party.

Install Kingroot Apk
Install Kingroot Apk

If you face a pop-up containing Google Installation Block message, follow these steps to prevent it. Also by this you’ll never get this same problem while going to install any new app.

  • Click on More Details, as shown in the screenshot.
  • Here is an option named “Install anyway (unsafe)“, Click on that.
Kingroot App Install
Kingroot App Install
  • The installation will start.
  • Within couple of seconds it will automatically complete the installation process.
Kingroot App Install For Android
Kingroot App Install For Android

How Kingroot Works?

It’s quite a simple step to use New Kingroot English app, you just have to follow only one or hardly two steps. No special requirements, and no hard procedure.

Kingroot App Install For Android
Kingroot App Install For Android
  • At its homepage you’ll get a landing portfolio, just swipe up to move to further steps.
Kingroot English Version Install
Kingroot English Version install
  • Click on Try It,
Kingroot App Try It
Kingroot App Try It
  • You’ll get into the home screen of Kingroot Apk, which shows that your device isn’t rooted yet.
Root Lenovo Using Kingroot
Root Lenovo Using Kingroot
  • Click on Get Now. Rooting will be started automatically. Wait till it shows a successful message.

Isn’t it easy and one click root process?

Thing To Take Care Of While Rooting

  • Your Phone must be charged atleast 45% or more.
  • Data connection must be good, don’t trust on WiFi. Use our own Data Pack.
  • Don’t pick calls or don’t do anything wrong which makes your data connection off.
  • Keep calm and wait until it ask for reboot.
  • Keep a backup of all your necessary data, just for being safe.
  • Check your smartphone once before rooting, it’s eligibility and success rate.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Kingroot FAQ
Kingroot FAQ

In this heading, I’m gonna cover every question which is in your mind related to root and kingroot app. I hope that you’ll definitely find your answer there.

Does Kingroot Apk Really Supports One Click Root Android?

It is easy to see that you have to click only for a single time to start New kingroot app to root the android device. It will only consume couple of seconds only, you don’t have to waste a single minute there. Thus we can say that new kingroot app supports one-click root android function.

What is King User? I haven’t installed this app!

King user is an app which is formed by kingroot itself, after a successful attempt of rooting your kingroot android app would be transformed into the King User App. Put your mind to ease, there is nothing to worry about.

You don’t have to install any other app, it will automatically install this app on your device to provide you some extra features like clearing trash, or purification of your waste files and much more. Give it a try as I recommend you to.

How to check if my device is rooted or not?

Good thought, you can verify it by downloading an app calledRootX

You can download it from Play Store too, it’s available there. Or you can download it from the below-given link too.

How to Check Root?
  • Open the RootX
  • Grant the Permission (if it requires)
  • Click on Verify Now, it will show you the fair result of your device status.

Also by this app you can Root or Unroot your device, in case kingroot app don’t work for you. Either I recommend you to try kingroot app first before trying any other app.

Root Samsung With The New Kingroot App | Kingroot Samsung

Kingroot Samsung
Kingroot Samsung

Kingroot Samsung, as it’s earlier versions won’t support some of the Samsung Devices and public isn’t happy with that. So after working on it, Developers had released New Kingroot App which really supports Samsung to root device. It is capable of almost every model of Samsung and you can easily root any model with it. Kingroot Samsung isn’t a special app, it is also the same apk who handle hundreds of models.

Download Kingroot Desktop Version

You can also download Kingroot Desktop Version if you want to, there is nothing special in that. But there’s a little problem, kingroot for desktop is only available in Chinese language. If you want to download kingroot English version then you must have to wait for a while till the developers start working on its desktop version.

Kingroot English Desktop Version Link

Aah! Sorry, we currently don’t have any! But we will surely update it as soon as we get. Stay tuned to us.

Download Kingroot PC Version to Root Android

As we all know rooting for PC has never been easier. If you still want to do then I won’t recommend you do; because Kingroot English version is only available Android Platform, Kingroot Desktop Version is still in progress. If you know Chinese then you can proceed, either step back and download kingroot apk for Android.

Wrapping Up

Throughout this Kingroot Apk Download – One Click Root Android App post we discussed how you can download kingroot apk for Android, is it worth to use Kingroot PC, Does kingroot Really Support One Click Root Android feature, and much more. I ‘m sure that you have got the answers to your question. If still, you have any query or question related to root, comment below. We feel happy to help you out from there.

Also if you find anything wrong or any broken link on our blog let us know by comments or you can also directly visit our contact us page to make a quick ping.